If you haven’t got Miitomo on your device(s) yet, then you’re definitely missing out on the fun.
New to Miitomo? Not familiar with it yet?

Miitomo is essentially what Tomodachi Life should’ve been. An app which allows you to create your own Mii, dress it up and most importantly – socialize. You can add friends by linking your social media accounts to it.
This app is a entertaining way to get to know your friends. By doing this, you can earn daily rewards like coins, sweets and game tickets!

The coins that you earn on a daily lets you use it to buy more clothes for your Mii. It’s also a substitute for when you’ve run out of game tickets. But how does one get coins? Well, you literally just have to open up the app everyday, like/comment on your friends’ answers and redeem your gifts through settings.
You can get sweets as a daily reward too. Although it’s better to get them when playing the Miitomo Drop mini-game, because you can get loads of it. Don’t worry, sweets actually serve a purpose! You use it to feed to people’s Mii’s so it can tell you more answers to questions that haven’t really been heard by you or others.
Game tickets are just for the Miitomo Drop mini-game. The mini-game basically lets you drop Mii’s down to these little slots where you can earn sweets OR if you’re lucky, some awesome clothing!

Now, if you have a dark sense of humor we can assure you that this game has two types of people who play: The people that actually use this app for what it’s suppose to be and the people that use it to create inappropriate photos, strange answers and greetings.

Don’t worry it’s not all THAT bad. As long as Nintendo doesn’t kill the fun by removing Miitomo (let’s not forget the incident regarding Swap Notes), then do what you please. At least in this app, people can dress however they want regardless of gender. Thumbs up to you, Nintendo.

Overall, Miitomo is a great app. It’s fun, it’s addicting and you’ll be hooked for hours. Even though it’s technically not a game, this could be as well Nintendo’s ‘social media’ outlet. We believe that Nintendo did well to make this their first app. Bring some more Nintendo, ready when you are!

RATING: 8.5/10