About us

NSG (Nintendo Social Group), also known as NSG Hangout is a UK based game group that was created by two young adults in 2014.
Our goal is to feed the gaming community with fun events such as our monthly social meets, tournaments and gaming events. We occasionally do film screenings and raise money for charities.
Our monthly social meets usually take place either the beginning of the month or midway. We have a small gathering of people and go to different places in central London to play our 3DS games together, have a meal and explore the city. This is also a great way of meeting new people of similar interest.
Tournaments we host are both for the 3DS and Wii U. We charge a very small entry fee for all our tournaments and sell food and drinks for attendees. We create tournaments for popular franchises such as Super Smash Bros and Pokémon. Occasionally, we host a raffle so people can have a chance to win some amazing prizes!
As for gaming events, we sometimes charge entry fee and sometimes we don’t. These events bring people together to try out games that they own or do not own. We make sure that we allow people to play multiplayer games, so everyone can join in on the fun!
We’re still a fairly small group at the moment, but we want to strive for better and with the support of friends and family, we believe that NSG will continue to grow and grow and soon become a well-known group.
Without everyone’s support, NSG wouldn’t be here today. Thank you very much!
Happy gaming!
10492373_10153170995487110_6553009478152676107_n(photography by Manga Girl Photography)