Today is a very glorious day for all Pokemon fans alike. Why? Haven’t you seen the Sun & Moon trailer yet?!

The Pokemon Company today has uploaded a 2 minute trailer for the new games, Pokemon Sun & Moon.

The game’s region is based on Hawaii and is called the Alola region. Below, are photos of the starter Pokemon:


  • The owl, Rowlet is the grass/flying type starter Pokemon.
  • The cat, Litten is the fire type starter Pokemon.
  • The sea lion, Popplio is the water type starter Pokemon.

Not only did we get a glimpse of the starter Pokemon, but also the legendary Pokemon (whose names have not yet been revealed).

Here is the official box art for Pokemon Sun & Moon. The games will come out in the UK for the 23rd November and the 18th November for everywhere else.

Are you excited for the games? Which one will you pick up? Let us know in the comments!



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