pokemon sun and moon

We’re just hours away from the most anticipating Pokemon Direct yet. There’s been a lot of speculations lately, such as leaked images of logos for what could be the new Pokemon games. Pokemon ‘Sun’ and Pokemon ‘Moon’ has been trademarked – of course we don’t know what’s in store, so as per usual we discuss!

Tina of Nintendo Social Group: “I’m very pumped up for the Pokemon Direct. I have a few predictions – first would be a release date of Pokemon GO! A worldwide release date. However because they haven’t even shown how the app will look like, maybe we’ll just get a sneak peak…hopefully. Secondly, the Detective Pikachu game getting a western release. It’s only available in Japan right now.

As for the ‘main’ games I am mostly expecting an announcement of Pokemon Z. I feel as though Zygarde will obviously be the main star, legendary wise. With Volcanion and Magiana, they will most likely make it a side story post game kinda like with Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.

Now, with Sun and Moon…I still have my doubts. Mainly because I feel that it is far too early for a brand new gen of Pokemon. Could it be remakes of older games? Could it be tied in with the Kalos region? Well, the only way to find out is eagerly wait for the Pokemon Direct to take place. Either way I’m still very excited and I cannot wait!”


Adam of Nintendo Social Group: “In the Pokemon Direct, I’m hoping to see details on a new Pokemon game and to see if Pokemon Sun and Moon is actually going to happen! I would like to see Pokemon Z, because seeing as there is a lot more details on Zygarde having different forms and having the Z cells, it would be a pretty nice story to see in game .I also hope to finally see Volcanion and Magearna in a game. They could introduce an episode at the end Pokemon Z, to show a story for both of them just like in the upcoming movie which is about the pair of them. More information on Pokemon GO is something I can see happening in the direct too!”


Claire of Nintendo Social Group: “Twenty years! Man I feel old! I remember buying a Gameboy from my best friends younger brother for ten pounds then going out the next day and buying Pokemon Red…my very first game I ever bought myself!

That game saw me through the summer hols and I loved it! I have high hopes for the re release on direct as it gives many of the original fans a much needed nostalgia trip. Not only that but many of these original fans will have little ‘Pokemon trainers’ of their own who will have never had a chance to play the original – let alone hold a Gameboy!

I am hoping – strange as it may sound- that they keep the game more or less the same as it was. The charm in the game, above many things, is how well it did in an age of PS1 and the aging but ever popular SNES.  It proved that it didn’t need to be big and flashy as long as it was enjoyable to play… and it WAS!

Of course I am expecting a couple of new features, Nintendo will no doubt want to show off new shiny things that 1996 kids could only dream of doing!

I personally will be buying red AND yellow as I had them before and am looking forward to being reunited with an old friend… and also not needing a flipping link cable should I wish to trade!”


Henry of Heythrop College Pokemon Society: 20 years of Pokemon and on that very anniversary, Nintendo announce a new Pokemon Direct. Earlier this Wednesday, they also released a new Pokemom photo booth app. Is that related? Who’s to say? But there is a certain gravity to the announcement brought about by the date. The last main series Pokemon games, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, came out in 2014, meaning it’s coming up to around two years. In recent years, this has been a fairly long drought in terms of new content and this leads me to think there’s no doubt that another release for the Nintendo 3DS is likely. But being Nintendo and being full of surprises, I can’t yet say for certain what the content of said game would be.

Of course, the “third” game for X and Y is not yet released. The names and the presence of Zygarde make a Pokemon Z a solid bet. Yet there’s also a question of Magearna, a newly discovered Pokemom that has not appeared in any previous games. The past would then suggest an entire new region with the rest of Magearna’s friends; then what of Pokemon Z?

As it’s also the 20th anniversary of Pokemon Red and Green, there’s also the possibility of a second remake for these original games. This is a less likely possibility, but the story of the Kanto region and Team Rocket, Professor Fuji and Mega Evolution, the fate of Red and Gold, all these storylines have untapped potential. Perhaps not a remake but a fully fledged direct sequel, like Gold and Silver were 16 years ago.

And as a final point, it needs to be said that we could even see something utterly unexpected. Danny Devito confirmed for Detective Pikachu’s localisation? A release date for Pokemon GO? Perhaps even the long elusive Pokemon MMO? Also consider the possibility for a Wii U release of a main series game. But the occasion surely deserves something a little bigger.

One thing’s for certain. If the announcement is only 5 minutes long, then expect a quality over quantity announcement. Perhaps we’ll only get a brief peak at the logo or the like. Whatever we get will leave us desperate for more. But remember, wanting and greed is an endless cycle that only leads to brief satisfaction and endless suffering”



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