story of seasons

Story of Seasons is a farming simulation game, which we recently purchased after its release in the UK.

Now this is, well technically the second Harvest Moon game we’ve purchased (first one being Harvest Moon 3D: a New Beginning) and we definitely love the new one. If we had to compare both games, there’s a lot more to the new one especially a lot more characters you get introduced to.

The tutorial for Story of Seasons is one thing you’ll dread though. Although it’s suppose to sort of add to the beginning of your journey as a farmer, you’ll find yourself doing painfully easy things like a simple push of a button. But it’s helpful if you’re new to the games and you’re introduced to many characters as you go through it, thanks to ‘Eda’ who’s the eldest resident of the town. Trust us, you’ll really grow to like her (plus, she gives you pocket money!)

We found it a bit of a struggle going through the early stages of the game, in fact it’s a lot harder than Harvest Moon 3D: a New Beginning. A lot of farming, milking the cow and fishing was done just to buy a blueprint to build a chicken coop, which costed 21,000G. And you cannot ship out items on a daily basis, you have to wait for Silk Country to come and set up their stall at the Trading Depot. You even have to buy a blueprint for a hoe…

What we do love about the game is that, you can rent a farming space from the Guild for a limited time, which you’ll be introduced to eventually. What it does, is it allows you to grow a lot more crops and therefore you’ll be able to make a lot more money. Just make sure you get it before someone else does.
The restaurant in the town of the game is extremely useful when you’re low on health. Depending on how you’ve built up your farm and how many animals you need to look after it’ll help you regain the hearts you’ve lost.

As we keep going through the game, we’ve found that Story of Seasons is quite challenging and a bit more difficult however it adds more fun and motivation to the game. There’s so much to it, like building relationships with the residents of the town and striving to make the town a lot better than what it is. It’s a really relaxing game to play, it doesn’t feel like a chore. We fully recommend this game to gamers alike.

RATING: 8/10


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