Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is the board game that has been heavily criticized, ever since its announcement during E3.
Naturally, there are people who say “why not try the game, before saying anything about it?” Well, we’ve tried the game and we’re still not that impressed. It’s just not competitive at all.

The game can only be purchased in retail stores – so you can’t purchase the game through the Wii U eShop. Of course that’s understandable, considering the game HAS to be bundled with amiibo’s, but let’s just get to the game itself.

So you’ve got the main game and the mini-games. The main game is pretty much the board game, in which you play as any character but according to which amiibo you tap on the NFC reader. You can change the board’s seasons, depending which month you play on and you can actually set a time limit incase you cannot go through the whole month in-game.

The aim of it is to gain as many Happy Points as possible. Getting a lot Bells help too, because at the end of the game it’ll add on to your Happy Points – so you have to make sure you’re good at selling your turnips for a high price and make profit! Take advantage of event spaces too!
Unfortunately, the main game doesn’t have mini-games, like Mario Party. Instead, it feels like you’re reading a little story each time you land on a space. Depending on what space you land on, it’ll increase or deduct your Happy Points & Bells.

The mini-games, which are not part of the main game is probably much more interesting to be honest. Especially when you’re playing mini-games like Quiz Show, Mystery Campers and Island Escape. The Quiz Show has proven itself to be the hardest, so it definitely caught our interest.

Overall, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is quite an adorable game to play and had a few fun bits to it, but you’ll get bored of it easily. It’s too simple for our liking and it’s not a game for everyone. It’s just missing that competitive feel to it.
Having paid £39.99 for the bundle, it really does make us think that the game should’ve been a free download. The amiibo’s are definitely worth the buy, we’ll give you that.

It may not be the Animal Crossing game everyone was hoping for, but hopefully Nintendo learns from this mistake and tries to fix the damage it has caused for fans alike.

RATING: 5/10



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