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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, is a spin-off game for the respective series Animal Crossing. The game focuses on designing, which is a feature many players adored from the series.

So you’re working for Tom Nook, your boss. You thought your work was done with him? You thought wrong. Being the new employee of Nook’s Homes, your main goal in the game is to go outside to reel in some customers and let your creativity run wild. You design the villagers’ houses, inside and out and decide what furniture suits to their taste. The 3DS touchscreen is what you’ll mainly be using, as you finally whip out that stylus and move/add furniture without having your character drag everything around. Designing has never been this easier!

If there’s one thing we can all give a thumbs up to for Nintendo, is that you can FINALLY change the skin colour of your character. Not only that, you can basically make up your character instantly, without being asked a bunch of questions.

As you progress in the game,  Isabelle will start coming to see you, meaning you’ll be able to start designing facilities such as a hospital, school, café etc.
You can only design one house/facility a day. But luckily for you, the game doesn’t actually run on real-time so you can keep on designing as much as you want until you get sick and tired of it!
Done designing a house/facility? Well why not share your design with other people around the world? Using the Happy Home Network, it allows you to instantly upload your designs when connected to the internet and people can give it a look. A system rating can also be used, so people will decide whether or not you did a good job.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer has quite a lot of useful features that you wouldn’t find in the previous games. While this is a huge improvement, you actually can’t exactly roam around freely as much as you would in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Instead, you can just simply hop into a car and drive to a house you already designed or look around in the facilities opened. You can also invite other villagers over to those houses/facilities, by using amiibo cards. There’s that and going on the Happy Home Network to view other designs by people around the world.

While all this is fine and dandy, you’re probably asking yourself ‘ will I easily get bored of the game? Is the game worth buying?’
It depends on the players, however you’d be surprised how many themes there are that fit the personality and appearance of each and every villager. Thanks to amiibo cards, you can call in new clients and see what their taste is like.

Personally, we don’t think the game is worth full price of a 3DS game. At the end of the day, it’s a spin-off game that you’ll either love so much you’re practically addicted to it, or you’ll easily get bored of it and not pick the game up for a few days.

Happy Home Designer does have a lot of up-and-downs due to its limitations, but you’ll certainly enjoy some of its new features that it has to offer (and amiibo cards – don’t forget amiibo cards!)

RATING: 7/10


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